Our personal service comes through in everything we do …


Our personal service comes through in everything we do. We want to get this right. We believe the best way to do that is to work with you and to give you an experience that adds value and prioritises output and speed. It’s like having your own eLearning developer in the office.

Our 4-step process enables us to work with you at all stages of the development cycle. If you need to add steps or change the process, let us know, we’re adaptable.


Requirements gathering

  • We work closely with you to fully understand your problems, challenges systems, learners and processes.

  • We’ll do a deep dive into the learning outcomes or behaviour change requirements of the training so we can effectively and efficiently create the best solution.

  • You might have done all this already. In which case, you just saved us a job, thanks. We’ll review it and crack on with the meat of the work.


Rapid Prototyping

  • We take these requirements and develop a structure and storyboard for the learner journey, using best practice instructional design principles to design absorbing interactive tasks based on the learning outcomes.
  • We’ll work together to review the journey, try new things, make mistakes, amend and adapt to get a final outline that we can get to work on.
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Fast Development

  • Then we don our headphones, fire up our Macs and get to work on the techy stuff, turning the agreed outline into an eLearning course. We have a bias for action, this bit is our favourite.
  • We work with you to define when you need to review and input into development stages, depending on your internal processes and the scope of the project. We love feedback.


Supporting and Maintaining

  • We can support you in the rollout of the product, from user acceptance testing, to pilot release through to full launch.
  • We can support you in the long-term with content maintenance, ongoing user feedback gathering and iterations based on best practice guidelines. Or just add something exciting like a learning game or immersive environment.

eLearning Development

This is the fundamentals. This is our bread and butter. But don’t think we deliver bread and butter standard courses. That’s not us. We’ve pushed boundaries on what people thought possible with ‘conventional’ eLearning. Developing learning games, embedding rich multimedia, and designing mobile-first solutions.

Give us your training courses and see what’s possible. Whether that’s powerpoint slides that need turning into something more, hmmm, enticing or existing eLearning courses that need the ‘wow factor’ adding to them.

We’ve been here since the start, working on our craft, and have seen trends come and go. Witnessed the good. and seen the bad. We want to be part of the better.

Our specialty is Articulate Storyline, Rise, Adapt and Adobe Captivate development. We have a bias for action and output and can deliver responsive courses for you to use on your LMS, or embedded into existing web properties.

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Instructional Design

We can work with subject matter experts and technical consultants to quickly grasp the key concepts and learning outcomes. We’re fast learners. In fact, having worked in the corporate environment, speed is something that we value.

We develop a deep understanding of the learning outcomes and the transformation that needs to take place in the final user. Whether that’s knowledge, understanding or behaviours, or a mixture of all three.

This helps us to first craft a suitable structure for the courses, breaking them down into manageable units and modules. Then we design and develop a rapid prototype, using appropriate pedagogical techniques and learning theory to scope out each slide and design effective, engaging interactions.

Our passion lies in turning the mundane into something that comes to life on the screen and in the minds of the learners. We’ve:

  • turned instructional lists into interactive exercises, providing hints, tips, and feedback
  • transformed flat surroundings into navigable environments with learning opportunities around every corner
  • converted questions and answers into rich interactive games


We love to chat digital learning and would love to discuss your current and future needs. We can support you at all stages of your digital learning and development journey. From implementing a digital learning strategy, to the tools and platforms you might need, the types of interventions that might be suitable, or ways to develop additional revenue streams from your courses.


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